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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Have you spent years stuck doing the same dance with smokes and patches with little or no success?

Would you like to.....

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My Approach

Imagine being a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

There are many smokers who have tried desperately to quit for many years using methods such as patches, cold turkey, champix, gum, yet they are still smoking. The reason is that all the methods they have tried haven’t addressed what is keeping them smoking, which is the deep-seated HABIT in their subconscious mind.

Compared to other methods, hypnotherapy has a very high success rate because it breaks the habit. As long as you want to quit smoking, it will work for you!

Marcelle’s approach uses the most advanced and comprehensive techniques for Quit Smoking Hypnosis in Australia. These techniques have been developed and fine-tuned over the past 20 years working with thousands of clients.

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Hi! I'm Marcelle Maisel

I am The Quit Queen!

Your Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer

As a Hypnotherapist and an Energy Healer, I help clients change their unhelpful habits and behaviours and replace them with new behaviours that serve them better so that they can finally live the healthy, balanced life they’ve been striving for. 

Through Hypnosis we can reprogram the subconscious patterns that are responsible for negative behaviours resulting in permanent change. 

I help women in midlife to realign their lives so that they are empowered to live with calm and confidence without a constant level of heightened anxiety.

Heal your mind- heal your body.

I feel like I'm not even being tempted standing next to a smoker and can happily stand next to one and have no feelings or connection towards it. In general I have no desire to smoke anymore.


I spoke to Marcelle and asked her for help and support with my quitting smoking journey and she has been amazing. I was a 40 a day smoker struggling to quit and feel better about myself. After a session with Marcelle, I am thrilled to say I am now a non-smoker and feeling better in myself every day. Marcelle is caring, supportive and still checks up on me which is wonderful. Please if you are on the fence, I say take the jump as you won’t regret it. Thanks Marcelle

Shona C

Marcelle's quit smoking session was very powerful. I have chain smoked for 40 yrs. Since our session (4 wks), I haven't touched a cigarette. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is professional, caring and supportive. You will be a NON- SMOKER for life just like me.


Fantastic! I don't smoke no more I can breath.


Hi Marcelle, I am doing great. Got through my first catch up in a social situation with a smoker and I wasn't bothered at all. In fact it didn't even faze me. I'm really happy and just enjoying my new lifestyle. X0X0

Joeline B

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