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Eliminate your phobia with Hypnotherapy

Are you living with a phobia that leaves you shaking like a leaf so that you can barely stand? 

Hypnotherapy is for you if:

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Our Approach

Imagine a future free of that phobia....

The hypnosis technique that I use enables you to detach or reduce an emotional response from a memory, event or stimulus.

One theory about why this can help is that the traumatic memory is re-processed by the prefrontal cortex (decision making part of the brain) enabling the emergency pattern to be released by the amygdala (the primitive part of the brain) and the memory to be reclassified as non-threatening. Thus, the pattern-match that was causing the anxiety and panic no longer occurs.

When you think about the thing you have a phobia about, you will feel tension and then you may feel sick in the stomach. This kind of phobic response is very common and can be thought of as a positive feedback loop.

The technique works by texturing that ‘thought’ of the phobia. It is textured with multiple layers of other thoughts that change the feel of the memory. The other thoughts transform it to the point that it will be impossible to have the old ‘phobic’ response.

The old thought simply will not result in the old feeling, the old feeling is simply not re-lived. It cannot be re-lived. It is GONE!

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Hi! I'm Marcelle Maisel

Your Hypnotherapist and Health Coach

I am a mum to two magnificent adult children. In my life BK (before kids), I was a pharmacist, but I have now moved in a brand new direction.

As a Hypnotherapist, I work with clients to break any unwanted habit or addiction by tailoring sessions just for them so that they can achieve a healthy mind and body

I help clients change their unhelpful habits and behaviours and replace them with new behaviours that serve them better so that they can finally live the healthy, balanced life they’ve been striving for. 

Through Hypnosis we can reprogram the subconscious patterns that are responsible for negative behaviours resulting in permanent change. 

Heal your mind- heal your body.

The Hypnosis therapy that I got for my fear of spiders has definitely worked and has worked well! I thought I would always have a phobia of spiders, however now, when I see spiders or come into close contact with them, I don't get scared.

Lev Kagan

I used Marcelle's hypnotherapy services over zoom to help get rid of my needle phobia. I thought I would have this issue for the rest of my life but after my session I am proud to say I am now clear of my phobia. It worked so well that when I went to get my COVID vaccine, I didn't freak out or cry or panic like I have for years. So impressed with Marcelle work! Would highly recommend 🙂


Update. There was a little spider next to the breakfast table this morning. Jon didn't even flinch and he even tried to gently remove it! He then carried on unperturbed.

Jon B

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