Chronic Pain Solution

Remove Chronic Pain with Hypnotherapy 

Are you living with chronic pain that no amount of medication will relieve?

 Hypnotherapy is for you if:

          You allow yourself to be guided through the process

You relax with it and trust the process

          You are ready to live free from that unnecessary pain

Imagine a pain free future... 

Pain is an interpretation within the brain that it needs to send a pain signal to let the person know that there is a danger present. There are no "pain receptors" as such in the body.

It produces pain, because it is a protector. It is trying to preserve you.

It is problematic, when the danger has gone, healing has begun, but the brain is still perceiving a threat.

To reverse this, we need to understand why the brain is getting used to the idea that the body is under threat and to change that message.

Hypnotherapy provides a variety of tools to do this.

Book a session with us so that you never have to experience that useless, unnecessary pain again.

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Hi! I'm Marcelle Maisel

Your Hypnotherapist, Health Coach and Life Coach 

I am a mum to two magnificent adult children. In my life BK (before kids) I was a pharmacist but I have now swung in the total opposite direction.

I now believe in treating the CAUSE of disease and not in merely treating the SYMPTOMS of disease.


Here's what some of my clients have said about the

Chronic Pain Solution.



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What's included in the Chronic Pain Solution

You will have a single one hour hypnotherapy session (conducted via Zoom link) after which you will be PAIN-FREE.

We are so confident that it'll work that we offer a guarantee that if you don't feel relief from your pain, you will get a free followup session.


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Will it work for me?
+ -

Yes, providing you want to change your behaviour and you allow yourself to be guided through the process. It will definitely work for you. The session is individualised to your requirements.

Is Hypnosis safe?
+ -

Hypnosis is an extremely safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is a meditative state. This system is based mostly on advanced hypnosis and NLP.  You're aware and in control at every moment and can stop at any time.