Changing your lifestyle through changing your mind

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One person’s idea of a healthy lifestyle may not be another person’s idea of a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that either are wrong, they are just different. For one person, it may be walking a kilometre six times a week, eating fast food twice a week or spending virtual or in-person time with loved ones every other day. For another person, a healthy lifestyle may be running two marathons a year and following a keto diet. Neither of these is better than the other. Both are perfect for that person. You get to decide what your healthy lifestyle looks like.

A healthy lifestyle means doing the things that make you feel happy and energetic and keep you at reduced risk for disease.

Good nutrition, adequate sleep and regular workouts are the fundamental foundations of your wellbeing.

Making changes to improve your health can benefit your body, mind, wallet and even the environment.

We all know that following a healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of various diseases and strengthen your lifespan, yet this is not always easy to achieve.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians who took their sick to sleep temples to be cured by hypnosis.

Modern hypnotherapy has become the most dramatically effective short-term therapy developed to date. It is when Hypnosis is used to achieve a specific outcome. The hypnosis will be aimed towards precise, outcome-oriented suggestions achieved through direct communication with the subconscious mind.

When hypnotised all of your senses are heightened. You can move, respond, speak, hear and feel.

How can Hypnotherapy be used to make positive lifestyle changes?

The mind consists of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is everything that you are aware of here and now. It accounts for a minute amount of your total thinking capacity. The Subconscious mind accounts for the rest.

Within the subconscious mind resides your imagination, emotions, memories, your automatic body responses, habits and your most deeply held beliefs about yourself and what you believe is possible.

Sometimes the beliefs one has are so ingrained from years of believing them to be true that we don’t even realise we have them.  Such as, I am afraid to get hungry, I have to finish everything off my plate, I have to snack in between meals if I can’t exercise for one hour why bother at all…..

During hypnotherapy, we can uncover these hidden beliefs that are no longer serving you. Through hypnosis, we are then able to communicate with the subconscious mind and make new suggestions to bring about the positive changes that the client has identified as desirable and to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of the client’s life.

That is why Hypnotherapy produces rapid results for changing beliefs, habits, choices and behaviours.


If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to lead a peaceful and happy life, hypnosis is a natural tool to help you accomplish this. It can help improve many aspects of your life , such as improved sleep, quitting smoking or alcohol, eliminating phobias, easing chronic pain, relieving stress and anxiety, building confidence and many more aspects.

It can be applied to any habit or behaviour that you are willing to change.

To live a fulfilled life of peace and confidence and to create a happy and empowered future, through the use of Hypnotherapy, contact Marcelle, at Enlighten My Health, by clicking on this link:


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