Hi. I'm Marcelle, your Hypnotherapist, Health Coach and Life Coach.

My skills as a Hypnotherapist and a Health Coach enable me to live my life purpose of helping others achieve a healthy mind and body. My clients make changes to the habits and behaviours that aren’t serving them and replace those with new behaviours that will get them closer to their health goals so that they aren’t living on automatic but are living more consciously.

Quit Smoking with the Quit Queen

Do you feel like cigarettes control you? Have you struggled unsuccessfully to give up in the past?

After a single 2-hour Hypnotherapy session you will be a NON-SMOKER for life.

If you could overcome a phobia, how will your life improve?

Hypnotherapy is a process that helps people explore the subconscious mind, discover issues and then let go of those issues with the aid of suggestion.

Through Hypnotherapy, you can allow healing to begin which will free you from the phobia.

After a single Hypnotherapy session, you will be Phobia-Free.

Are you living with chronic pain that no amount of medication will relieve?

Pain is an interpretation within the brain but your brain is still interpreting a threat even though the danger has gone.

Hypnosis can help to reinterpret this perceived threat so that you never have to experience that useless, unnecessary pain again.


Need a FREE discovery call ?

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call on a limited basis. If you feel you need this, go ahead and schedule your chat with me. No strings. Just my pure support. Click on the button below to schedule your time with me in my calendar.


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