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Quit Smoking with the Quit Queen

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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Emotional Release Solution

Get emotional freedom with Hypnotherapy

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Phobia Solution

Eliminate your phobia with Hypnotherapy

About Me

Hi, I am Marcelle Maisel. As a Hypnotherapist and an Energy Healer, I help my clients change their unhelpful habits and behaviours and replace them with new behaviours  so that they can finally live the healthy, balanced life they’ve been striving for.

Through Hypnosis we can reprogram the subconscious patterns that are responsible for negative behaviours resulting in permanent change.

I help women in midlife to realign their lives so that they are empowered to live with calm and confidence without a constant level of heightened anxiety.

I am a mum to two magnificent adult children. In my life BK (before kids), I was a pharmacist, but I have now moved in a brand-new direction.

Heal your mind- heal your body.

The Hypnosis therapy that I got for my fear of spiders has definitely worked and has worked well! I thought I would always have a phobia of spiders, however now, when I see spiders or come into close contact with them, I don't get scared.

Lev Kagan

I saw Marcelle for my Alchol addiction and anxiety and had emotional problems from my past. I had 3 sessions which helped my alcohol emotions and moving forward.

Casey Doyle

Enlighten My Health was very professional, patient and understanding. She helped me so much and I feel so “cured" after seeing her. If you are thinking of hypnosis for any issue that you may have, I recommend Marcelle 100%.


I used Marcelle's hypnotherapy services over zoom to help get rid of my needle phobia. I thought I would have this issue for the rest of my life but after my session I am proud to say I am now clear of my phobia. It worked so well that when I went to get my COVID vaccine, I didn't freak out or cry or panic like I have for years. So impressed with Marcelle work! Would highly recommend 🙂


Working with Marcelle was so easy. I spoke with her about wanting to have more control over alcohol. Marcelle scheduled a Zoom and away we went. In the week following our session, my consumption was reduced by 50%. That's an amazing result after just one session. Thank you Marcelle 🙂

Dan O'Keeffe

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